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Jalagati Yoga

Jalagati Yoga


What is yoga? What does it mean?

What is yoga really? Yoga derives from the Sanskrit stem yui, which means to yoke, to interlace, to hold strong. From one hand, this phrase refers to the fighting aspect of yoga, which is nothing else but the fight with ourselves for ourselves. A fight to fully have command of our body, which makes us able to understand the procedures of our body and so we can consciously shape those.

On the other hand, what is yoga in a more common notion? It refers to techniques aiming at self-knowledge through our body.

Yoga is absolutely good for lifestyles lacking any sport activity, or for compensating the unhealthy effects of physical work, office work or a bound sport activity. The exercises move and trigger the muscles, joints, bones, brain cells and the vascular system for a balanced functioning.

For yoga, flexibility is not a must; with practice the stiff muscles become relaxed and flexible. Of course, the time needed for this varies on a large scale since every people have different attributes.

What are the positive effects of yoga?

Through yoga, we can improve our health, harmonize our weight, breathing, blood circulation, and our general performance. The special exercises have a good effect on the skin and nervous system functions.

Yoga greatly improves stamina and stretches the muscles and makes them more stiff. It gives flexible muscles for all kinds of sport activities, so injuries can be avoided. The body becomes fully controllable and resistant to illnesses. Through the special breathing technique it eases stress, which - regrettably - accompanies modern life.

This kind of activity is not only beneficial for the body but also for our emotional life, for our inner harmony. This way it has a good effect on the relationships with our environment: our family, friends, colleagues.

Yoga helps us to develop the ability of paying attention to ourselves and our body. During yoga we only have to pay attention to ourselves, the surroundings become secondary for this time. The special breathing techniques of yoga help to focus our attention to inside and so it develops the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga teaches us how to ease our mind, which we can apply even on our own if get into an exaggerated state. It teaches to draw strength from within this way it improves self-confidence.


Yoga poses from another view, or how is Jalagati yoga different?

While building up the yoga poses, we in the Jalagati Yoga Association started from the ancient yoga. The exercises developed by traditional yoga helped many people, which made to survive traditional yoga throughout thousands of years. We updated these poses and exercises accordingly to the needs of 21th century. With the use of many years’ medical, coaching and yoga experience, we studied yoga exercises from a medical and physiotherapical aspect. We took into consideration that most of the people do office work, which both physically and mentally mean a special strain; also there are many who do different kind of sport activities besides yoga. Above all this, we cannot neglect that we are under the effect – from a quiet young age – of the so called civilizational illnesses (like allergy, asthma, arthritis) deriving from the urban environment, work and eating habits. So Jalagati yoga must meet different kinds of expectations at the same time.

The most useful yoga poses are bound into chains and we developed a yoga that fits both people who do yoga as a general activity and professional sportsmen who do yoga as part of their preparation and to rejuvenate. Our exercises contain an appropriate ratio of working on our muscles and relaxation. This how developed Jalagati yoga to a unique type of yoga.

So Jalagati is a planned, carefully constructed series of physical, mental and spiritual exercises, which can be practiced by any of us, so we can maintain and improve our health and power.

The exercises are performed with our attention focused inward and harmonized with our breathing; that’s why it is unique and differentiated from other sport activities.

We kept the tradition of yoga that yoga is to yoke, to fight. The fight focuses on to wholly control our body. In yoga everybody fights themselves so our health and development is in our hands. As a result of the fight we can understand how our body works and learn to maintain it well. 

We recommend Jalagati yoga for adults since children could be hardly engaged by the relatively slow movements and also their ossification is in progress.